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The Child Center and Adult Services is a private, non-profit organization that provides mental health counseling to children, adults, couples, and families in Montgomery County. 

What We Do 

In our Gaithersburg office, over twenty licensed therapists provide mental health counseling to children, adolescents, individual adults, couples and families. Located in the Shady Grove Professional Building, our office is cheerful, comfortable, and easily accessible.   We accept most insurance plans.  We also have a sliding fee scale.

In addition to counseling in our Gaithersburg office, we have a number of community-based programs that provide mental health care for low-income, high-risk children, adults, and families.  Our Catholic Schools program provides mental health consultation to selected parochial schools.  We have a continuing education program that offers six sessions per year of professional education to mental health providers in the community. 

History and Mission

In 1978, Dr. Maryrose Rogolsky founded the Child Center.  She began providing low-cost, high-quality mental health care to children and their parents in a small office rented in a church.  As the church provided sanctuary to the Child Center, the Child Center offered children shelter of another sort: mental health care that combined high standards with a profound appreciation of children and family.

Today, the Child Center and Adult Services is in a professional office building in Gaithersburg.  Our staff has grown from three to over twenty part- and full-time professionals.  We changed from the “Child Center” to the “Child Center and Adult Services” (CCAS) as parents of our child clients asked for services, too.  We widened our scope to include single adults, couples, and families.

Our mission remains the same: to provide high quality mental health services for children and adults and their families and to engage in community activities that promote mental health-related goals.  We have a core commitment to prevention and early intervention.  We respect clients’ religious, cultural, and ethnic values, and shape our services to support them.

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